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FryChem Rapid X 5L - Premium Oven/ Grill Cleaner

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Rapid X is a Professional Rapid Oven Cleaner. A ready to use thin liquid oven cleaner.

A non-tainting formulation designed for use in the food industry.

Rapid X contains a high concentration of degreasing agents and alkalis.

For use on ovens and grills etc.

How to use:

Apply to the surface. If required allow a few minutes contact time to soften the deposits and agitate if necessary. Wash away with plenty of clean water.

NB. Use a coarse spray or jet when applying the product. DO NOT USE ON ALUMINIUM, ZINC OR OTHER ALKALI SENSITIVE SURFACES.

The product is compliant with the requirement of BRC Issue 6 – 4.9.1.

This product is suitable for use in a food processing environment.

The product is not scented.

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