Used Cooking Oil Collections

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Adhering to UK Legislation
with used cooking oils collections

Fry Fresh’s used cooking oils collections helps your business to adhere to UK Government legislation including; Health and Safety, Food Standards Agency, DEFRA and HMRC.

The legislation includes used cooking oils must be

A Cost to your business and the environment

If your catering business produces used cooking oils, then it must be disposed of correctly, in a bid to reduce landfill waste, your landfill taxes, fines, energy generation and greenhouse gases.

It’s therefore the responsibility of the used cooking oils collector to take it to an authorised site where it will be disposed of and reused correctly.

Our aim is to educate businesses and their staff on the importance of used cooking oils collections. Fry Fresh’s used cooking oils collections helps your business to save money and the environment.

Rapeseed Oil

Nutty, light and non greasy is how we’d describe this popular cooking oil. Recommended for those on alternative diets, ideal for hot temperatures and it comes with a range of health benefits.

Vegetable Oil

A classic cooking oil, and our second biggest seller. Equipped with Omega 3 and 6, vegetable cooking oil is known to contribute to a healthy way of living.

Cooking Oil Delivery Locations

Our fleet of purpose fitted vehicles operate cooking oil deliveries across the UK.

  • Cooking oil deliveries Wales
  • Cooking oil deliveries West Midlands
  • Cooking oil deliveries East Midlands
  • Cooking oil deliveries North West
  • Cooking oil deliveries Yorkshire and the Humber

Labelled one of the fastest growing supplier of cooking oils in the UK and known for our social conscience with local charitable directives. Every new cooking oil collection we carry out takes us that extra step towards our commitment to a greener future.

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Our Happy Clients

We’d like to thank our committed partners for helping us to continue the work we do and helping to get us towards our goal of a 0% waste to landfill supplier.

For each unit of cooking oil we sell, we make a donation to Hope House.

Over 12 months we have donated £7674.40 to those who need it most.